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Timber Harvesting and Contracting

Our skilled team are able to provide all your timber harvesting and contracting needs.

Full marketing and timber harvesting services are carefully considered and optimised to achieve top market prices available.

 Project assessments are undertaken, drawing on our years of knowledge and experience of timber import and export. Previous projects have included trade of timber for the Far East, Asia and Europe.

With our network of industry contacts for contract work, we provide all aspects of services from felling licence applications and forest management, to tree planting.

From preparing the site and safeguarding an existing area, maintaining an area of woodland using effective conservation methods, to tree surgery and landscape work.

Market Access Services

If you are a landowner who wants to sell your timber to wood-using traditional industries and emerging energy markets, Fredwood Forestry is perfectly placed to manage that process for you.

We also support industries consuming timber by sourcing product to match specific production requirements.

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For further information about Timber Harvesting, contracting, and market access services:

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